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Australian Lutheran College

Australian Lutheran College (ALC) is the tertiary education provider of the Lutheran Church of Australia.  It includes the School of Pastoral Theology which trains students to become candidates for the pastoral ministry in the church, through a five-year residential program.

ALC also provides opportunities for growth, education, and training in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training formats, including Certificate IV, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral studies.

While ALC is located in Adelaide, South Australia, the majority of students are based outside Adelaide, utilising on-line learning, local workshops and intensives, and in some cases regular classes such as undergraduate teacher electives.

For further information: www.alc.edu.au



The Australian Lutheran Institute for Theology and Ethics (ALITE) operates under the oversight, governance, and management of Australian Lutheran College.

ALITE aims to:

  • initiate and support research projects based in Lutheran theology and ethics
  • promote research activity in Australian Lutheran College
  • engage in national and international networks of scholarship
  • build a national and international profile and reputation for research excellence in theology and ethics
  • disseminate research findings widely to the Lutheran community and general public
  • hold occasional academic conferences on theological and ethical topics

For further information: www.alc.edu.au/alite


University of Divinity

The University of Divinity is a collegiate University, a model which is familiar in Europe and North America but not found elsewhere in Australia.  It is a private Australian University of Specialisation which confers degrees and awards diplomas and certificates in Divinity and its associated disciplines.

ALC is one of eleven Colleges of the University, and through this relationship, academic staff and students of the College become members of the University.  The collegiate structure protects and fosters both academic freedom and theological diversity.

For further information: www.divinity.edu.au


Lutheran Church of Australia

The story of the Lutheran church in Australia began in 1838 with the arrival of German emigrants. The worldwide Lutheran Church, with just over 70 million adherents, is the second largest non-Catholic church, and the largest Protestant church, in the world.

The LCA adheres to the three ecumenical (or universal) creeds of Christians around the world: the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed.  It also subscribes to the teachings (or confessions) of the Lutheran Reformation contained in the Book of Concord.

For further information: www.lca.org.au